Our Passions, Priorities and Practices

Our passion remains hand crafting Traditional Teas, Creams and Oils and passionately distributing these remedies to those who need Traditional and Medicinal plants to heal.

Our priority is accessibility, so that no person goes without. If you would like to purchase medicine with us, we will willingly exchange remedies for Money, Food, Skills or Other Items of Value, and our products are readily available through our online store, local stores or over the phone.

Our practice is sustained in several ways. We receive Financial donations from Workshops as well as Individuals, we apply for Grant and Program Sponsorship money from Organizations, and we exchange our products for money, food or trade items.

We, as a group, love Wild Medicinal plants and are passionate about sharing and exchanging knowledge and skills with all people. We have a very strong belief that this knowledge belongs to everyone and with that the ability to heal ourselves and strengthen each other with this knowledge.